Virtual Back Office 


Project Concepts provides virtual  Information Technologies, PMO, and Project Management services to organizations around the globe allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies, while Project Concepts provides mission critical business services.  Experts have been gathered from around the world to share real-world experiences in an attempt to add to the general Program/Project Management body of knowledge.  The intent of these papers is to focus on areas of "soft skills" rather than technical solutions.  Soft skills such as leadership, team development, organizational impacts, strategic alignments, emotional intelligence, empowerment, and conflict strategies are crucial to distinguishing great project managers from good. 

The papers, blogs, and articles listed on Project Concepts come not only from our staff members but also from our members.  Each member is encouraged to contribute their own experiences (good and bad) as it relates to Program and Project Management across industries and from around the world.

PMO / EPMO Evaluations


A common issue encountered by PPM leaders is PMO's that have moved from a supportive/mentoring environment into a governance and compliance model.  As such, the PMO / EPMO can quickly become a barrier to project success.

However, the average Program or Project Manager may find that they are limited in contributing to the process and services of the PMO.  As such, an expert can often assist in identifying areas of concern, obstacles to success and unnecessary overhead.  Our experts will partner with your organizational management to assist in optimizing and recentering PMO/EPMO's to focus on service support and project success over governance as a key value to the organization.

At the end of the day, every organization's goal is repeatable project success.  PMO/EPMO's are a key contributor to obtaining this objective and quite often minor adjustments can help to evolve and mature the organization. 


While not intended to be the primary responsibility of Project Concepts, our staff will work one-on-one with Program, Portfolio, and Project Managers to evaluate the maturity of their process (both from a science as well as from the soft side) of leadership.  These evaluations are intended to assist in mentoring and growing leaders to excel in their desired industry and job level.

Evaluations performed will be done with an individual assigned expert and will be priced to meet only the basic costs of the evaluation rather than as a profit center for the firm.  Our goal remains to increase the overall effectiveness of Program and Project Managers working in real-world scenarios. 

PMO in a Box (PIAB)

PMO's come in many forms and sizes and have various responsibility levels based on the organizational needs.  A PMO can deliver services anywhere from Enterprise Management to simple Project Management Offices and once in place can be a very effective tool for providing services to projects as well as delivering complex demands of the organization.   When an effective PMO is up and organizations will see a tremendous increase in project delivery success, quality standards, ROI, resource management.

However, to be effective and to reap the rewards of a PMO can be quite daunting.  A PMO requires tremendous investments in time, resources, and organizational change to be able to achieve measurable success for projects.  PMO's offer a wide range of services to projects but generally start for a consistent foundation, procedure and process development.

The PMO-In-A-Box software will utilize the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) to provide project managers with effective tools that enable them to focus on the management of project by eliminating wasted effort and centralizing the reporting and communication of projects across programs and portfolio’s.