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Your Success is our Goal 

Successful organizations investing in Program and Project Management often continue to experience issues with scope, cost, schedule, building a project culture, establishing processes for success, and shifting priorities. 


Groups need to shift their styles to a project approach and build organizational support for project methodologies to achieve repeatable, efficient and effective success.  The shift in culture and process is a difficult and time consuming one, often filled with unnecessary failures and pain points.  Experienced and well-trained teams can assist in streamlining the process while increasing short term success.  

Project Concepts provides organizational analysis, transformational change, process development and optimization, and hands-on  support to determine areas for improvement related to:

  • Culture

  • Communication

  • Change

  • Strategic Development/Alignment

  • Ongoing Project Success Factors

  • Establishing / Optimizing a PMO 

  • Process development and improvement 

  • Training and mentoring 

  • Documentation development 

Contact us today to see how we can improve your ROI on program and project management efforts. 

Certification Training

Project Concepts specializes in complete, end to end, Portfolio, Program, Project and Risk Management.  Our extremely well trained professors ensure that the most recent and accurate information is leveraged, regularly updating our materials, practice exams, and retraining our team members.  

Project Concepts does NOT do boot camps.  Rote learning, memorization, and constant testing does not contribute to a students incorporation of project/program skills or contribute to their professional success.  Instead truly understanding the material assists them in their daily lives, as well as providing materials necessary for passing professional certification courses. 

Standard and Custom Training Courses Include: 

Project Management Certification (PMP) 

Program Management Certification (PgMP) 

Risk Management Certification (PgMP) 

Project Concepts 

Project Leadership 

Custom courses designed to fit your organizational needs


Training Brochure

Services Available

With years of experience in Portfolio, Program, Project and PMO Management, Project Concepts now offers a full and complete PMO In a Box to quick start your process for repeatable and reliable project success regardless of your industry.  Any organization looking to build a PMO can benefit from this quick, easy to use, tool implementing best practices for project and programs. 


Project Concepts provides professional consulting services in Leadership, Strategic Management, Facilitation, IT Infrastructure, Application Development, Mobile App Development, PMO, Program, and Project Management.  Our consultants are world recognized industry experts with a proven track record of success in delivering on-time, on-budget services that consistently exceed expectations.

Whether you are in the market for a mission critical solution, or working to enhance your internal processes, Project Concepts is a solution provider that ensures professional, successful and timely services supporting your objectives.

Out of the box solutions include: ​

  • PMO In a Box

  • Professional Mentoring/Coaching

  • Best Practice Check-Up

Contact us today to get a free needs assessment.

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